Friday, October 12, 2007

Wikipedia revisited:

Wikipedia has added a few new notices:

On that note, they're condensing all the Pokemon articles into blocks of 20 and shortening the information to about a paragraph each. I know individual articles can get excessively large for popular franchises, but for me truncating articles to that level removes a lot of the usefulness from Wikipedia.

I say that as an avid user of Wikipedia.

I don't mind making the pages more readable (because face it, a lot of pages are written like crap and it's really dumb when people put links to Final Fantasy characters from pages on Greek gods), but I don't like them restricting their content. What makes Wikipedia so great that it's largely written by democracy. Generally speaking, the more people are interested in a subject, the longer it will be. If that happens to be Pokemon, then so be it. They will never be treated seriously as a academic source due to the nature of the system, they might as well pander to the internet community. It's the only one they have.

Friday, October 05, 2007