Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The best defense is...malnourishment?

Generally speaking, in order to increase stopping power from a bullet, you increase the trauma that it creates.

Hollow points accomplish this by expanding on target to create a larger wound channel.

There are some problems with this. Hollow points are prohibited under the Hague Conventions that NATO ascribes to (even though they are the most frequent type of bullets used by civilian agencies). Another problem is that you reduce the penetrative power of the bullet, which is fine inside a warm body because it means that the kinetic energy is being dissipated into the surrounding flesh but not so good against kevlar.

Full-metal jacket military rounds are designed instead to yaw at very specific velocity and resistance profiles. Ideally you would be able to penetrate a vest and then it would tumble and fragment inside the target's mass to increase stopping power.

With this background, let me get to my funny anecdote: NATO forces have discovered that enemy combatants in Afghanistan often have too little muscle mass to initiate yawing, contributing to reports of poor stopping power.

Sometimes hot-knife-through-butter isn't the preferred approach.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh no!

Nobody is translating Nanoha Force anymore?


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two things

1) I always like to use pork Shake'n Bake on my chicken

2) So you know how after water freezes, its crystal structure tends to push impurities together? I'm going to assume it has something to do with Gibbs energy. Shit always has something to do with Gibbs energy. This leads to some consequences when meat is left in a freezer for a long time as all the blood collects into the same section. Gross.

Re F-22 crash

I laughed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


What counter package do I want?

4 Counterspell, 3 Leak, 2 Exclude is what I had before.

It's hard to get off an Exclude but it's soo good when it resolves.

In elementary, someone else played Exclude. He'd play on the most terrible creatures and say he "just wanted to draw a card". Turns out, that's about right; just drop it on the first legal target and enjoy your +1. So good.

Back to my counter package, swapping a Leak for a singleton Negate felt right.

4 CS, 2 Leak, 1 Negate, 2 Exclude

I've neglected to put Preordains into my deck for all these years. It's hard for me to be excited about virtual card advantage even though on a mental level I know Preordain is probably better than anything ever printed in White.

No seriously, like what does White have? Stoneforge Mystic? Land Tax? Those are the only contenders.

So -2 Accumulated Knowledge, -2 Leak, +4 Preordain

Anyways, I'm finally losing my AK engine which was my favourite for so long for 2 more Mulldrifters. The number of sorcery speed white cards has drastically decreased the utility of instant-speed draw. And also I figure I needed more win conditions.

That's right, flying grizzly bear aggro is a legit win.

-2 AK, +2 Mulldrifter

Since I'm land light for control (i.e. 24 lands), I got to curve down.

The Excludes had to go (for Essence Scatter), the plan being:

4 CS, 2 Essence Scatter, 1 Negate

Incidentally, Patrick Chapin ran 4 Cancel, 2 Essence Scatter and 1 Negate as his Standard U/W Control counter package. Funny how I almost ended up at the same place independently.

Except I decided I liked the versatility of Mana Leaks over Essence Scatters so now I have:

4 CS, 2 Leak, 1 Negate

I was pondering this in bed and WAIT A MINUTE THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE AT ALL

The sensible options are then:

4 CS, 3 Leak
4 CS, 2 Leak, 1 Essence Scatter
4 CS, 2 Essence Scatter, 1 Negate

Which do I go with? Decisions, decisions..

Addendum: If I go with the lattermost, there is also the fork of 4 CS, 1 Essence Scatter, 1 Remove Soul, 1 Negate. The benefit of this is that I get to show off old cards and different art. Also I'd sidestep..Extirpate and Meddling Mage? The downside is that old frames don't look as nice and people might be misled into thinking that I only have singletons. That's not true; I have full sets of all this shit. I got a counterspell stack nearly an inch high! I'm just waiting to bust out my Rewinds in another blue deck!

Thursday, December 08, 2011