Sunday, August 28, 2011


Some people might've noticed that my punctuation is all over the place.

I actually pay a lot of attention to my punctuation.

I just don't care much for the rules.

The trick is, I think...

When it comes to games, I don't really apply the same weighting factors as average people. For instance, I put a disproportionate amount of weighting into originality and UI. And by "originality" I don't actually mean the pioneering game of some mechanic set but rather the first decent game of the same set that happens to fall into my lap. Sorry, first come first serve.

An example.

I played Disgaea 2. This should be fairly obvious to any readers. I peddle the series to anyone who would listen, because it's a great set of games. But it's actually hard for me to actually be motivated to play any other game in the series or in fact any other tactical RPGs. You know, it's all flavours of fruit punch; once you've tried one you've tried them all.

Maniac shooters are different. That's because I've convinced myself that I have to conquer them all. Crazy, I know.


Let's talk about Ar Tonelico.

I will first discuss the UI.

Look at all these gauges! It is comforting that they are there. That is all.

People complain about its difficulty curve being too easy. I've never ran into that problem. The trick is, I think, to be too lazy to upgrade your equips. Some games are made for min/max-ing. Melding this, crystal that, who cares. This isn't one of those games; this is a game made for diving into Reyvateils.

Oh, and the story turns out to be pretty good.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saturday, August 06, 2011

What's Google got on you?

Arts & Entertainment
Arts & Entertainment - Comics & Animation - Anime & Manga
Arts & Entertainment - Music & Audio
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Arts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - Urban & Hip-Hop - Rap & Hip-Hop
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Arts & Entertainment - Visual Art & Design - Painting
Arts & Entertainment - ... - Photographic & Digital Arts
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Business & Industrial - Aerospace & Defense - Defense Industry
Computers & Electronics - Hardware
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Finance - Credit & Lending - Auto Financing
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Games - Computer & Video Games - Fighting Games
Games - Computer & Video Games - Simulation Games
News - Politics
Reference - General Reference - Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
Science - Mathematics
Shopping - Photo & Video Services
Sports - Team Sports - American Football
Demographics - Age - 18-24
Demographics - Gender - Male

Friday, August 05, 2011


Given deep introspection, I have come to the conclusion that Canada is the least exotic country in the world.

No, seriously, there is literally no other country that is as boring.

We are pretty much America, but without the gungho "go big or go home" attitude. And in the case of hispanics, it's pretty much just "go home". Where home is apparently Mexico regardless of origin of birth or place of childhood. Also our own "Manifest Destiny" was kind of half-assed. Like we sort of wanted to screw over the natives but didn't really put in the effort.

Commonwealth but without koalas, frivolous hats or a hatred of the British for pillaging the land and taking all the diamonds.

Well run like Germany, but more like a contraption made of rusty nails and softwood lumber that just happens to work rather than an engine of precision milled aluminum designed by engineers in fluorescent white cleanrooms. We also don't have a history of half-baked world domination ploys and make terrible movie villains.

Cold, like Scandinavia, but with less Satan.

I'd take kangaroos over Canadian geese. At least you can eat them.


Nanoha has softkill ACM now: