Sunday, January 27, 2013

The thing about..

..Kobe Bryant (Lakers guard) is that he never passes

..Kevin Durant (Thunder forward) is that he has flailing noodle arms

..D'Antoni (Lakers coach) is that he doesn't coach defense

..Blake Griffin (Clippers forward) is that he dunks too much

..Dwight Howard (Lakers center) is that he can't make free throws

..David Stern (NBA commissioner) is that he hates the Spurs

..the Raptors is that they always lose at the buzzer

..Lebron James (Heat forward) is that his hairline keeps receding

..Carmelo Anthony (Knicks forward) is that his wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios

..Jeremy Lin (Rockets guard) is that all the Asians love him

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's easy to tell who can sing in the group

(They're the ones with proper mikes: TaeTiSeo + Sica)

These girls will sing unsupported depending on the intensity of the performance (e.g. if there's a lot of dancing involved or if they have to do several acts in a row). Everyone else performs either partially or fully supported.

For anyone who's never worked with audio equipment before, here are some things about microphones: if it's not right in a performer's face, it's not being used properly; if the top isn't directed at the mouth, it's not being used properly.

If you hear the premix mike tracks from live performances, Taeyeon is fucking loud; she's got real pipes.

(Well okay, all of them can sing "above average", but most of them aren't there on account of their singing abilities)

Their new album dropped on New Year's, performances at that time were fully synced, presumably to get them familiar with the live choreo first.

They haven't gotten all the live vocals nailed for I've Got a Boy yet. Probably because the dance for it is more physically intensive than normal.

(The choreo is from Nappytabs, if anyone cares)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Someone posted their planking time

It really wasn't very impressive.

But in the process of proving it, I did figure out a 3-step program for improving plank times.

Step 1: Set laptop in front and put on a Korean music video

Step 2: Start the plank

Step 3 (this is the important one): Fill your soul with envy for Taecyeon's abs

Happy planking.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years Medley

Someone told me yesterday that Carly Rae was going to perform at Celebration Square. Good thing I had Twitter and can immediately clear up any misunderstandings.

I read an article about how New Years Eve is bound to end in anti-climax and disappointment.

It's true, all night interviewees were asked whose performance they were anticipating the most, and the answer was always Taylor Swift. Then the ball dropped and there was still no T-Swizzle.

We had to put on Youtube videos of her to scratch that itch.

By 2am we're watching old Chinese dramas. That's perfect, I need to get this stuff out of my system at least once a year.

"You know that image that's like, yes, I know some of those words? That's how I feel when seeing Chinese subtitles"

I ended up in some super Asian photos yesterday. I'm not sure if I'm anticipating or dreading when they surface on Facebook one day.

So I found out that this cover was made today and that means my year is off to a great start. Good thing I have Twitter so I can immediately know if something like this happens.

Happy New Years.