Sunday, August 30, 2009

Affordable is a relative term

It's still in development, but the US army has been deploying the Excalibur shell for a couple years now in field testing, gradually ramping up the production numbers.

What makes the Excalibur special is that the shell is satellite guided. Yes, trust the Americans to make satellite guided artillery shells. Of course, strapping sophisticated computer and flight systems to a bomb makes the Excalibur cost about $80 000 a shot.

Of course, that is still a magnitude cheaper than firing a $400 000 Hellfire.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Kanye West might be a cockbag, but damn he has style. Just check out his PVs. I mean, it cost a million dollars! Pamela Anderson was in it, and he was jumping "across canyons and shit"! Eval Kanyevel.

I also realized today that I judge hip-hop largely by their samples, because everyone's got flow. Sorry Immortal Technique, I am not cultured enough for you.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I don't know what BMW was thinking

But they sure know how to appeal to me!

Take a look at the M5, it's a 4 door sedan.

But underneath its hood is a V10 500bhp engine. 500! That's nearly the power of a F430! Naught to 100kph in 4.7s. Of course you can change from auto to manual, but what's interesting is that there's a Launch Control button, which is an automatic shift program optimized for standing starts. It also comes with paddles and a stick, that's right, paddles in a 4 door saloon.

Best of all though, you can drive around in it and pretend you don't care about cars at all. Until you paint some racing stripes on, but that's a different matter.