Friday, December 11, 2009

For that matter...

I don't see how Muse can claim legitimacy as an art and fashion magazine if they feel the need to coverpage the fact that Lindsey Lohan gives away a nipple.

Vanity Fair has some fairly risque shoots (read: tits and ass), without feeling the need to explicitly advertise it on their covers.

Well, I guess that's because 86% of their subscribers are women.

Still, point stands: Muse needs to get over itself. Things happen in art and what they've got is not all that special.


I always assumed Huffington Post to be kind of like Daily Kos, since people are often keen to offer commentary on its posts. Of course, I don't actually visit these sites because I like my news to be served with a competent editor but whatever.

Then I see this ad off Time:

If I didn't care much for the Huffington Posts editorials before, I will definitely be dismissive of anything sourced from it now.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Americans are always subject to laughter when their cities freeze up after 2cm of snow.

Some may justify it as a lack of snow clearing infrastructure, but that's clearly not the case.

The weather report predicted a good 15cm overnight yesterday building up to 30cm by evening tonight. By the morning there was about 5cm of snow on the ground after the morning snowplow run. But throughout the day, there was no further plowing and the storm kept brewing. By late afternoon there was a good 20cm on the ground and traffic had ground to a slow 30km/h.

I decided this to be a good time to go Christmas shopping in downtown Ottawa, and apparently I wasn't the only one.

But by the evening, the snow had largely stopped falling and with clear visibility, it was full throttle for everyone at the speed limit-with the ground still blanketed in snow! Granted, people would be exceeding the speed limit on a clear day, but I remain impressed by this feat.

My snow tires of course, are roasting in my basement and I had my all season slicks on through the whole ordeal.

Personally, I just think Canadians are ridiculous.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kind of scary...

...the number of black ops groups the United States has.

Of particular note is the CIA's Special Activities division. These guys are so elite, they recruit from groups like Delta and ST6. Hell, Delta and ST6 are already recruiting from the Rangers and the regular SEALs, so you can say they're the best of the best of the best. Does the UK have a clandestine group drawing applicants from the SAS? Doubt it!

They go through additional training as intelligence operatives from the CIA and pick up additional skills like lock picking, high performance driving and foreign languages among other things. Then they get dropped behind enemy lines without support holding what I presume is as close an analogue to a license to kill as real life offers.

The stuff of spy novels.

On another note, Sullivan has a piece up on the Atlantic about Obama's announcement. It wasn't entirely a rational argument, but I think it appeals to a lot of people's feelings on the issue.