Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dat court vision

Russell Westbrook drives and gets to the net going 3 v 1.

But totally misses a wide open kickout to Kevin Durant.

Why does OKC's offense look like a mess even when it's going right?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Cool story bro

The Aviationist has a cool article up about the flight demonstration that sold the F-14 to Iran:

After the F-15 had finished its display, everyone was waiting for the underpowered F-14A demonstration: the Tomcat’s TF-30 engines would have not given to the aircraft the same thrust to weigh ratio of the Eagle.

However, during the F-15’s performance, Evans and Romano burned down a great quantity of fuel and now they had only 2,500 pounds of remaining gas: while this little quantity was only sufficient to accomplish their flight demonstration, 2,500 pounds was also one eight of the Tomcat’s  internal fuel capacity and thanks to this fact the Tomcat had the same thrust to weight ratio of the Eagle.

At this point the F-14 had one thing that the F-15 didn’t have: variable geometry wings that would have made the difference for the grace of the flight demonstration.

Funny that flash ended up selling the bird, guess the Shah wasn't big on energy-manoeuvrability diagrams.

The F-14 actually did have another thing going for it though: the AIM-54 Phoenix long range missile. To this day, it remains a capability gap.

What's with this picture anyways? There's no way that's a real combat loadout right? This must for Macross battles!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I bet she learned how to pitch from Jessica.

Friday, March 08, 2013

On the other hand..

All the people complaining about Russell Westbrook hogging the ball or how he should've been traded over Harden also have no idea how the team works.

Russ is an elite point guard, top 5 in the league. Harden is not.

OKC doesn't have a lot of shooters, and their big man is basically a zero in the paint offensively. If they can train Ibaka to be a consistent post threat, it would go a long way to relieving some pressure. Until then, they need Westbrook to put up the volume numbers.

Westbrook needs to be fearless, and he needs to be a constant drive threat. It doesn't even matter that he takes more shots than Durant, because Durant's stats are only as good as they are because he is selective with his shots. Someone else needs to chuck the ball the rest of the time and I'd rather have it be Russ than Perkins, Ibaka or Sefolosha.

That's not to say Westbrook doesn't have problems. Sometimes his court vision narrows to a laser beam. And sometimes he tries to drive through a lane that's obviously going to collapse into a 3 on 1 or even 4 on 1 (no joke). That's not bravery anymore, that's just stupidity.

But then again, it's still not entirely his fault. Because what the hell are his teammates doing just standing around spectating?

The more fundamental problem is that Scotty Brooks's playbook is so thin that its contents can fit on a business card. Until they learn to move the ball, they are going to lose to teams that can shut down Durant/Westbrook isolations. There aren't that many that can (which is why they're doing as well as they are), but the real contenders, the teams that OKC actually need to focus on beating, can do it consistently.

Westbrook's bricks are easy to laugh at, but they're just the most obvious symptom.

Looks about right..

OKC is up to their old tricks again.

Westbrook running down the clock with a million dribbles, tries to drive with 2 on 1, and then jacks up a brick jumper.

No ball movement whatsoever; no cuts, no screens, everyone else on the team stands around and watches.

And is that Perkins choking someone out? 

I haven't actually seen them play in a while, but watching for half the season, it doesn't look like they're going to improve much by playoffs.

Some people think that OKC has a good chance at a championship this year based on their record.

Those are people who don't actually follow the team, because this kind of playstyle is going to get them killed by the Heat every. Time.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Temptress Episode

Apparently this is what passes for a siren in Taiwan..