Saturday, February 04, 2012

On Lambourghinis

I used to think that Lamborghinis were totally stupid and designed by brutes with no taste.

I still think the former.

But on further consideration, I think that the latter only seems that way because their redesign cycles are so long. Like the Murc, their previous flagship, came into production in 2001 and was just disposed of last year. So no wonder it looked rough by modern standards! But what was around in the same time? The Enzo? I think it would compare very well with its contemporaries.

So then, if I had to spend all my money on a totally stupid car back in 2001, it would've probably been a Lamborghini.

(It is implicit here that an M5 isn't totally stupid)

Enter now, the Aventador.

Here are some things I like about this car:

-Safety hatch for starter button
-"Thrust mode possible"
-Air brakes
-Air brakes
-Shutter shades
-Arrow tail lights

It just has overall better proportions and they've done away with tasteless bright brake calipers (which I maintain will only ever work on a white Panamera). Plus, the Aventador is about the closest thing you can get to a stealth jet on wheels, it's actually quite elegant in a very brash way.

(I still maintain that Paganis are totally stupid and designed by brutes with no taste)

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